"No porn...just corn"..............................."No Porn...Just Corn"

I would like to welcome you to the 120 pages of my personal website. I have many travel photos and some technical pages inside.
You are invited to use the source files and images for your own sites or email stationery.
I have used Rosspages for a "web laboratory" to create many web features, such as image maps, java script, flash movies, embedded movie and sound codes, graphic slide presentations, marquees,drop down menus, rollovers, beveled buttons, sound files and a little "how to" folder for help on several areas.
To enter the Rosspages click here: View in html orView in Flash


Websites are always under change and revision...so if you see anything that would improve this effort, please let me know.
mailto: rosmd@everestkc.net
thanks very much
..Dick Ross